Things have been busy lately. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary and we have also been in Cardigan, West Wales for The Do Lectures where Luke performed on Saturday night. An exhibition including two of my linocut prints opened at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle, I printed a 'Giving Chair' for the Do Lectures and I've almost finished my five-print series of New York linocuts which I will be selling online soon (thanks to everyone who's been asking for them!)

June is my favourite month of the year, warm days, light evenings, white and green flowers filling the hedgerows, fresh early-summer air, clear blue skies and of course, peonies. June, you've been pretty great so far- thanks! 

Since arriving home from The Do Lectures we've been feeling all fired up with ideas. Meeting lots of other people who are turning their ideas into something and making this world into a better place is a very inspiring thing. If you haven't come across The Do Lectures before you should take a look.