Moving In.

After months of living out of suitcases and staying with various friends while searching for somewhere to live, Luke and I finally have a new home. As Luke has been away in Europe and is now living it up at SXSW in Texas I've moved in on my own which is a little sad and lonely but I can pick up wifi from the local cafe or gallery so we are able to skype occasionally and update one another on the local weather (Tunbridge Wells- thick snow. Austin, Texas- sweltering heat... in case you were wondering).

Things are pretty basic at the moment but our fridge arrived today so I can finally stop storing milk in the bathroom. I'm excited for the rest of our furniture to be delivered, mainly the table so I can get printing again. All my equipment is sitting in boxes and crying out to be used. Still, I have spent a lot of time unpacking a few of the treasures we've collected and getting to know where all the local shops are. Tunbridge Wells is a new area for us and while it's not the country-pad we'd love, it suits us nicely for now. The people are friendly and we are 30 seconds away from quaint shops, delicious pub food and a farmers market every-other weekend. I think we're going to like it here. 

photo: ceramic pot by hilary mayo

photo: letterpress inspiration by sean mccabe

photo: lower walk, the pantiles