January Snow

Since January, each time the piles of snow had almost vanished from front lawns and road sides, another big flurry would arrive. Here in London we had another snowy spell last the weekend and I always think there is a lovely atmosphere in the city when it snows, because people interact more positively with strangers on the street.

Last month, when it snowed, I was up North with family. There is something even more special about being in the hills when there is a big snowfall and everyone feels cut off from the rest of the world. It's a very relaxing thing, life slows down, kids go out sledging and we abandon the car and walk... I think it's natures way of telling us to stop for a while and pay attention to the important stuff. 

But even when you look at it from a less romantic perspective (because let's face it, not everybody enjoys snow) there's nothing quite like a shared experience to bring people together and it's heartwarming to see people helping elderly neighbours or pushing one another's cars out of the slush.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took while out on an icy walk in January when everything looked bleak and depressing but everyone I passed was completely jolly and cheerful...