A Day Trip​ to Hastings

We spent this Sunday afternoon in Hastings to get ourselves out of the house and breathe in some sea air! Both of us are busy with various projects at the moment which for Luke means travelling around the country or working in studios in London but for me it means staying at home at my desk all day. So at the weekend we want to relax in very different ways and Hastings is the perfect place for a lazy day trip. It's close enough to home and we love going there to explore the lovely shops in the Old Town. 

Hastings is a great place if you enjoy collecting things. 'Roberts Rummage' is a favourite of mine as well as the flea market on Courthouse Street. Most importantly, they're both near to Judges, the organic bakery which keeps artisan-bread-fan Luke happy. 

Although I usually navigate towards quite simple, plain things to decorate our home there is a secret hoarder living inside me which occasionally surfaces to tell me that yes, I really need this novelty windmill pencil sharpener or that wooden jug shaped like a dog.

When we moved into our tiny flat we had a huge clear-out which made me realise how little you actually need to live and how quickly you accumulate useless stuff so now I'm more careful about what I collect. But I still love looking and occasionally find some genuinely nice and useful things, or perhaps I've just got better at justifying why I need them?!

 ^ sea air and my hair- not friends.