"During a freezing cold week in March 2014 Hannah Cousins informally documented a walking journey as she explored the streets of New York City. At the time, they were nothing more than a collection of line drawings and photographs intended for private use. Today, the original linocut pieces they inspired offer a personal visual diary and an opportunity to engage with the artists’ vantage point. 

Cousins’ work explores the connection between journey and place to human stories. Her trip to New York coincided with an interest in work by walking artist Hamish Fulton which alongside her experiences, lead Cousins’ to create the collection as an ode to slowing down and taking note of the urban landscape. Her perspective as a tourist and a pedestrian offer a fresh look at the city, retaining a distinctive down-to-earth quality reflected in the texture of the medium. The pieces are suggestive of the emotional and physical recollections of her walk. They evoke unique feelings within the viewer and ask us to focus on the overlooked aspects of often familiar surroundings. 

Created exclusively as monochrome linocuts, the process reflects the unpretentiousness of the collection; carved with simple tools and printed using a spoon or hand barren, each piece offers completely unique gradients and texture."