It all started when…

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There are lots of reasons why I price my work in the way that I do:

The sustainability of my studio relies on my work being sold at a price which reflects the love, time, thought, resources (such as clay, electricity, glazes, gold lustre) and equipment (kitting out a ceramic studio costs several thousands of £s) which have been invested in the making of it.

I'd like to encourage a culture of joyful, thriving creatives rather than colluding with the myth of the starving artist!

I'd like the creative sector to be as economically accessible as possible rather than one which is only open to those artists and makers who are already wealthy or have the financial backing of family or partners. I believe that the less individually handcrafted work is sold at mass-produced prices the more likely this is to happen.

I'd like to be part of a movement which embraces conscious (rather than throw away) consumerism. Pricing handmade work at a level that results in more thoughtful purchasing decisions sits comfortably with me.

I'm proud to make ceramics that have been consciously created, are a treat rather than a necessity and which result in their new owners feeling like they're special. 

Thank you for listening! 

The thought of my ceramic pieces making their journeys from my studio to homes far and wide - and becoming part of the daily rituals and enjoyment of others - is a source of endless delight to me.

Your interest in my work means the world.